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James Lanham          jwlanham5@gmail.com                      www.jameslanham.com



Career Objective

To integrate technology into problem solving in a self-motivated, energetic atmosphere.


Skills and Qualifications

·         Proficiency with Windows/Linux software environments

·         Knowledge of Microsoft Office suite, including VBA scripting

·         Experience with Object Oriented Programming, especially Java and C/C++

·         Comfortable with web development, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP

·    Worked with MATLAB, VHDL, other scientific computing platforms

·    Familiar with database programming and administration in SQL


·         Bachelor of Science (Computer Engineering), West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV (expected 5/15)

·         Member of WVU chapter of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

·    Participated in WVU Energy Club, developing green energy technologies, including human powered electrical generation


Work Experience

·         M&S Consulting - Intern Technology and Management Consultant (1/14/14 - 8/1/14)

    - Assisted development of a summer school curriculum with Minecraft, in a program called TEKids, inspiring the next generation of STEM scientists and engineers.

·     Senior Design Project - NRAO Green Bank Telescope Feed Arm Servo Upgrade

    -Designing new hardware and software modules for more reliable data collection