This page is here so you can get to know me a little bit better outside of my professional and academic life.

Boy Scouts
I joined the Boy Scouts of America in fourth grade, and have loved every moment.  My time in Troop 100 out of Buckhannon, WV provided me with lots of opportunities, such as visiting the Cass Railroad, camping at Gettysburg, and even several rappelling and climbing trips.  All the camping trips, bonfires, and community events have been great fun, and I ended up earning my Eagle rank on August 13, 2011. 

I started marching band in high school with absolutely no musical experience, it just seemed fun.  Our director handed me a trumpet, showed me the basic notes, and I took off from there.  Just playing around I learned how to play at a decent level, and I even played in three bands that earned top marks at our regional competitions.  I loved band so much that I stuck with it into college, and now I play in one of the country's elite groups, the Mountaineer Marching Band at West Virginia University!  We have so much fun on our trips, and especially our home games, where we get to support the Mountaineer football team as they make their mark on our new conference, the Big 12!

I'm the tall guy in the back row, without the tie. (Sorry for potato quality.)

Home game at Mountaineer Field!

I play a lot of video games, but I am really in love with Guild Wars 2 right now.  I don't stream, but I do like playing with friends, especially RPG and FPS games.  I also play Battlefield 4, Team Fortress 2, and a lot of Half LIfe. My Steam name is Zargontapel if you want to hit me up, I'm always looking for me friends to play with!
Here's my GW2 character looking all awesome. Why? Because he can.