James Lanham

Hi there! You've reached the website of James Lanham,  a twenty-something software developer in the DC area trying to find the perfect mix of binge watching Futurama, accidentally playing Skyrim for 18 hours straight, and eating three large pizzas in one sitting.

In May 2015 I graduated from West Virginia University with my BS in Computer Engineering, and I went to work for CSC (now known as CSRA) as an Application Developer.

My areas of expertise include Electrical Circuit Modeling and Analysis, PCB Design, Programming (Java, C, C++, Python), and Website Design (HTML5/CSS, Javascript).  I also have skills with analysis tools such as Matlab and Simulink, as well as design in VHDL.

Before graduating, I worked as an intern technology and management consultant with M&S Consulting in Morgantown, WV.  We worked on developing a summer program called Tekids, to teach elementary age students the basics of programming and computers, hopefully inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers, like me!

My last two semesters at school were spent working on my senior design project, developing a new computer system for the Robert C. Byrd Radio Telescope at NRAO in Green Bank, WV.  I visited the site in fall 2014, and you can view some pictures from my visit under the Projects section of this site.

If you would like to talk to me about programming, education, or anything in general, I am always just an email away.